The vision above has a few key words which when stitched into a vision sentence, actually brings out the essence of what Kutchina as a brand wants to achieve which is certainly not just sales. Keeping a time frame for 2020, Kutchina wishes to inspire:

Trust through delivering ensured Quality deliverables, backed with strong service and being there always to help. Keeping this in mind, Kutchina follows very stringent quality tests on each product before it reaches the market thus keeping quality issues as the lowest possible levels. To ensure this Kutchina has one of India’s largest SELF OWNED service network of 40 service stations which is still growing. Of course we have a dedicated customer care at 1800-419- 7333 where we have a team of people available to always help our esteemed consumers.

Once you go through our complete website, you would realise the essence of this phrase. Kutchina is the only Company which provides designing and making MODULAR KITCHENS, equipping it with BIG APPLIANCES (like Chimney, Hobs, Built Ins), making it further convenient with a range of SMALL HOME APPLIANCES and completing it with an innovative range of Antioxidant WATER PURIFIERS all coming from the same brand KUTCHINA. Thus we endeavour to offer O ne Stop solution to all o ur esteemed consumers and all t his b acked by an efficient service n etwork a s explained above.

Innovation in our products lead to one word from the above phrase ie SMART. H ow do we offer smart appliances. O ur chimneys are Autoclean (they clean with p ress of a b utton t hus e radicating t he h assle, cost and n eed to clean filters every 2 m onths). S econdly, we have filterless chimneys e nsuring 100% suction. L astly B all b earing m otors which are unique to us, ensuring a much more longer life of the machine. Our Hobs apart from having FFD, Safety Valve, MFC b urners, some of o ur h obs h ave an unique Timer function a s well. O ur Water p urifiers are t he 1 st ones with Antioxidant technology thus improving the water for a better health, skin and digestion. Our OTG ( 24L) with convection i s almost 9 5% a m icrowave at 50% t he p rice. These and m any other innovations are hallmark of our products which along with innovations in processes at the backend, add convenience to our consumers and internal/ external stakeholders.